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Part time

"So this document is for...." I resisted the urge to close my eyes and then my head away from her.


Even though I know that I'm relatively new to the company, it is not as if today was the first day of work. It was comforting at first that I had someone to teached me and guide me along when I'm new to the place. After a few more times, though, it began to grate on my nerves. I have been seeing the same few documents from the start of the short few month that I have been with the company on a daily basis. As much as I wouldn't claim that I know what to do with every single document that comes my way, I'm perfectly capable of handling most of the day to day documents. Nowadays I have taken up the habit of letting my mind wonder while just murmured an occasional sounds of acknowledgment at appropriate moments.


It's as if I'm being treated like a little kid... irri...


Before I could finish my train of thought, I heard her finish her hourly [(?) Goodness knows how often she visits my desk in a day!] brief with her trademark "Thank you". The seemingly forced cheer in her voice caused me to cringe subconsciously. The only response that I could think of was a short nod of my head. It was kind of amazing how such simple words of thanks was about to bring out such a reaction from me.


Staring at her back walking away from my desk, I couldn't help the soft sigh that escaped my lips. It was just as my other colleagues say, there is just something about her presence that would create inexplicable pressure on others.


It was not often that I have a bad opinion of people. I pride myself for being someone with a lot of patience. However even for me, it seems like my well of patience is not deep enough for her.


Thinking back, I am not sure what makes me few this way. Despite all the accounts of her being mean to others, she is nice and kind to me. If you ask me, I would describe her kindness as one that you would expect from a possessivly protective parent to her only child. The amount of leeway and freedom that she would allow me is ridiculous. I'm sure that if I told her I would like to take 2 weeks off for vacation, she wouldn't even bat her eyelids and wish me happy vacation with her sickenly sweet voice.


And all these doesn't quite explain why I didn't like her. She is nice to me and I don't think anyone would complain about people being nice. In fact, I like nice people but it is just different with her. Perhaps it was the way that she visits my desk every so often, or the way that she seems to tiptoed around me to make sure that I don't die with the amount of work (which is really nothing much) that she gives me, or how she seems to think that I'm made of glass.


Out of the corners of my eye, I spotted a figure walking towards me. Out of some reflex, I turned my attention toward the figure expecting her to appear in my line vision. Turns out I was wrong and had succeeded in scaring another colleague who just wanted to get some clear folders from my table. I felt my tension immediately melt away.


One cannot blame me, as I was the one who somehow always manages to be there when she flares out at others. In the face of someone was unpredictable like the weather, anyone would be tensed. Probably that was the reason as to why I felt uneasy. Her kindness towards me felt like a temporary truce. It was as if she could turn back any moment and snap at me. I would even go as much as to say that her kindness felt faked. Every smile, every 'thank you' never did sound genuine to me.


Bad thoughts... it should be about time I start on my much as it is boring...


I reached over to the small stack of documents and started the mundane process of registering the documents. Focused on my job, I failed to notice the person walking towards my desk. Before I knew it, I heard her softly called my name in that sickenly sweet voice that is impossible to forgot. I resisted the urge to facepalm. With a mental sigh, I turned with a small forced smile.




Tags: fanfic, real life
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!!! sounds like a problem... you are one of the most patient people that i know. I think many worker's perception are that they are worried we can't do our jobs properly as we are temps, and they are afraidd of us making mistakes. I hope you'll be alright! you can tell us about it the next time we go out, okay?(:</p>

All the best & hwaiting <3 (:

haha I hope that I'll be fine too but it shouldn't be a problem. I think the only problem that I have with her is that she's too nice to me almost stifling.