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D.Grayman is Back!??!?!

I know that I can be quite slow when it comes to anime info but! At least in the end, in one way or another, I'll still find out!
So recently, I heard that D.grayman is coming back with a new anime series. It's going to be sequel to all the other seasons which means that this will land us right into the Alma arc. Argh >< one of the most painful arcs to read through, mainly because of all the angst and pain. Like really, I don't even know if it's a good thing or not. Plus there was that art style shift in the middle of the Alma arc... I wonder what are the animators going to do about that since it would be strange if they suddenly change the style halfway through. I remember it being to period where I was guessing which one was Allen and which one was Alma without looking at the scar. I guess there's enough material from the manga for them to finish one season but soon enough it will catch up with the manga. Now that the manga is on quarterly release... (someone save my heart... monthly was hard enough to deal with... now we have things coming out quarterly T.T) Well then again nothing will be as bad as waiting years till the next chapter is out. Or rather wondering if the manga is going to be cancel and that I'll never get to see how the ending of dgm will be like.

Speaking about the manga though, it seems like the date for the release of a new chapter is coming up really soon! Last chapter really gave us a lot to think about... Now that everything is so messy already, I really don't know how the series can continue to an ending. Like things are in so deep that I really don't see how they can tie up everything. And there's one thing for sure which is that it's probably not going to be a happy ending, maybe not even a bittersweet one. Just that everything is messed up! And Lavi is still missing... Everyone out of the main 4 had gotten their own backstory... it's about time that Lavi has a go right? Well then again, Lavi did had his turn during the Ark arc so maybe that's all that we will get. But seriously though, I just want to know where Lavi is... after not seeing him for so long.

For this new anime, it seems like they will be changing voice actors for Allen. Not that I was particularly attached to the previous voice actor that did Allen's voice, but that it's Hinata's voice actor from Haikyuu!! Hahaha I probably didn't mention how crazy I'm about Haikyuu!! right now. I'm like so so deep into the series I think I need maybe till the end of the 2nd season of the anime for me to be calm about it, which is not anytime soon. Haikyuu!! literally had me searching through websites after websites looking for more content to read. It hads been a while since I got so hooked onto anything. I really hope that Murase Ayumu will do a good job for D.grayman though. But then again I might not be able to deal with the feels when the scenes are animated... all that pain is going to be animated... damn all that
Tags: anime, dgm, haikyuu!!
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